Back in 2020 the MP Shire asked people in the music industry what they needed, what their fans wanted and what the Shire can can do better to support local music right here on the Peninsula.

The feedback helped form the draft Music Plan, which is now on public exhibition ready for community feedback.

The creation of this Music Plan is an action directly tied to a range of goals and strategies outlined in the Arts and Culture Plan 2020 – 2024.

The draft Music Plan will help shape future investment in the local music industry, including support for musicians and businesses, activities and cultural places and spaces.

Provide your feedback

The Shire need to hear from you. Share your thoughts about the local music scene.

What is missing? What works? What can be better? What would enhance your ability to go to concerts, learn an instrument or join a choir? Tell us! Only with your feedback can we create a music scene of your dreams!

Read the plan and have your say.

Click below to download the plan and give your feedback. It takes 2 minutes to give feedback.