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The MP Music Network’s main purpose is to represent and advocate on behalf of musicians, creative and technical music producers, music venues, music businesses, educators, and lovers of contemporary music. By connecting and becoming a FREE member of the Network, you will be helping our homegrown and inclusive local music community to grow and flourish.

We have 5 membership categories:

  • Musician member
  • Industry Professional member
  • Venue member
  • Supporter member
  • Associate member

Once you have decided on your membership category (see below for more info), PLEASE CLICK HERE to join. It takes two minutes.

There are 5 categories of memberships available within the network:

Musician Member:  Current practicing musician or musician/producer or singer-songwriter. If you are in a band, play solo, duo, covers, or a composer/songwriter, or are involved in community bands, etc this membership is for you. Having an archive of musicians and their many talents and specialties allows the network to bring likeminded artists together to explore, create, and grow. Musician Members have full voting rights and are able to be committee members.

Industry Professional:  Members of the extended music industry. This is for, but not limited to sound engineers, lighting, staging, event managers, roadies, promoters, managers, photographers, graphic designers, A&R, producers, etc. If you are looking for someone or something within the music industry, the network has a contact to assist you in your projects. Industry Professionals have full voting rights and are able to be committee members.

Venue Member:  The Peninsula is home to some amazing venues and festivals that support and allow our artists to reach their audience each and every week which not only brings you live music, but they also have some of the best local produce, micro brewed beers, spirits, and wines on offer within Australia. Bars, clubs, wineries, breweries, halls, cafés, festivals, and other associations, this one is for you. Connecting you to the plethora of artists and creatives on the peninsula, promoting your venue, and supporting you in your goals, and objectives.  Venue Members have full voting rights and are not able to be a committee member.

Supporter Member:  This category of membership is directed towards those music lovers who may be willing and able to give back to the Network by volunteering their skills or talents from time to time for the benefit of music on the Peninsula. Are you a music enthusiast, that does not fit specifically within the above categories, but want to support your local music industry? This is for you. Giving you access to artists, events, and opportunities to work with them, and being part of the greater peninsula music family. A Supporter Member has full voting rights and is able to be a committee member.

Associate Member:  Associate membership is available to music lovers/supporters who do not fall into any of the other categories of membership. An Associate Members is a non-voting category but enjoys all other benefits of membership, without being available for committee.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to join. It takes two minutes.


The MP Music Network Association rules can be viewed and downloaded here: