Moonah Arts Collective

The Southern Peninsula is bubbling and the time-honoured tradition of getting together with your mates for a jam, is back.

The Moonah Arts collective is here, and that’s exactly what they want you to do…  get together with your mates, and for these guys, having a jam means getting creative.

David Whip and Steven Rennie, affectionately known as “Red” and “Rennie” are here to share their space with you.  That’s why it’s an “Arts Collective”, they want all kinds of art to collide and to be shared with the world.

Music, photography, visual, dance, whatever, the Moonah Arts Collective is the place to share it.

The moment you walk in, a relaxing space greets you, with carpeted walls, photography, a garden and outdoor seats, music, and an array of hardware, you can’t help but be drawn in, and Red and Rennie want it so.

“We want everyone to share our space” they say, “There’s not much down here, so we created it ourselves.”

Red and Rennie know there’s others that want this space, they’re amongst the community, with both playing in psychedelic rock band Rennie and the Shit Chair, it’s their community telling them the need is there.  The Stiffy’s, Stiff Richards, are recording here at the moment” shares Red.

To get their work, and your work out there, the Moonah Arts Collective wants to work with you.  Sharing their space and offering like kind services for a small annual membership fee, everyone gets to share their knowledge, and art.

The Moonah Arts Collective has 4 goals:

  1. Provide a creative space –within a soundproof rehearsal space, with p.a;
  2. Provide a recording facility – equipped with Pro Tools, professional monitors, and 32 channel desk
  3. Create a community – aligning synergies within the membership base
  4. Share the love – letting everyone know what you’re doing, with presences across all major platforms cataloging Peninsula artists.

Get across Moonah Arts Collective socials to get in touch, or check out their next event.



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Upcoming Events:

13 March

20 March