New Single Release – The Way You Treat Me Right – The Chris Commerford Band

Following on from their 2019 debut EP Mood, The Chris Commerford Band have just released their new single called The Way You Treat Me Right.  The Way You Treat Me Right is a groove-driven blues-rock jam, brimming with dirty guitar riffs, soulful vocals and horns.

The song explores the ways the early phases of a relationship can feel like an addiction – when it feels impossible to get that significant other out of your head.  As Commerford explains:

This song is about the way infatuation isn’t actually always bliss but instead can drive you to the point of feeling lost in your own kind of crazy.”

This local 5 Piece has really hit their straps with this one, and with a taste of Mayer, Matthews, and Butler in all the right flavours, The Way You Treat Me Right, does just that.  It’s time to develop an additicton and get into a relationship with this one.

The Chris Commerford Band are playing in Red Hill at the Red Hill Show on March 7, for other gigs and all the latest news check out their website or like their Facebook page.

Listen to “The Way You Treat Me Right” on Spotify now!