Bayview Country Art Club provides art classes during the week, but once a month, the House becomes a concert room to show case some of our best interstate and local (and sometimes international) music artists.

Tim McMillan & Rachel Snow are a duo from Melbourne, Australia, based in Germany and currently immersed in an endless tour entertaining and delighting audiences across the world. Tim is a percussive fingerstyle guitarist and outlandish storyteller and Rachel an exceptional violinist and accomplice in Tim’s whimsical narrative.

With over 120 concerts delivered every year across Europe, Japan and Australia, the duo’s thirst for exploration and inspiration is growing. Their lust for travel seeps into the soundscapes of their live shows with some imagining the music as a moving soundtrack. Along with emotive moments the audience is captivated by athletic guitar stunts, interwoven violin antics and a magical blend of vocals. Tim’s psychedelic and sometimes true stories of life on the road and tales from the Australian bush become increasingly eccentric and outrageous as the show unfolds. The audience leaves feeling that they have themselves been on a wonderful and colourful adventure.

Tim and Rachel are versatile and perform an inventive mix of styles including Celtic rock, folk, metal & jazz. They accept the challenge of any stage and can be found performing at festivals, clubs, theatres and living rooms. .. and in this case, our backyard.

This is a return visit for Tim and Rachel, and it is impossible for me to over-state how good they are! We are aiming for an outdoor concert, on the deck over the dam, because this is the sort of setting that suits them so very well.(Of course we will be indoors if the weather isn’t favourable) As always, you will be provided with AFTERNOON TEA, including tea, coffee and treats, but BYO is also welcome.