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I do live-show session work on drums, vocals (backing mostly). A dabbler in song writing, studio & show production, & I'm a general Peninsula mover n' shaker.
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Session Drummer. '59Rockers, The Old Married Couple and various.

HI all..


I’m Jordie and I’m a “Ninch” local. Born in Mornington, raised all my life in Dromana.

I consider myself terribly fortunate to have grown up in such a beautiful and social corner of our globe, especially so, as these pretty earth, ocean and sea thriving communities are alive with winter storm partying and summer sun shiny living. The greatest part of enjoying this living is sharing my time and musical pursuits with our wonderfully creative and expressive peoples.

I have been playing drums (mostly self-taught) off and on now since year 9 in high school at Padua Rosebud campus circa 1992. I have been a garage band jammer all this time with many of my local mates right up until about 6 years ago when I was looking for more and a good jammer friend of mine Maria Cassar told me of this suave cat who was looking for a drummer for a new Blues act. I hadn’t really been a blues player before as such but as a jammer I am a bit of a feel and by ear specialist and I had jammed on blues, funk and jazzy type stuff before, so I decided finally in my life to really dive in and have a solid crack at it. Well that was nearly 6 years ago and I am stoked to say I have had thee most amazing time of my life and a very respectable Live Music career these past several years with my now brother-in-arms Martin ‘Diddy’ Reyes. I’ve played for him in 2 separate acts now being; Diddy Reyes &the Blues Maniacs and of the last two and a half years The ‘59Rockers.

In between my raucous adventuring with Diddy and our band mates and crew (recently Ben Goodall (double Bass) and Ben’s gracious gf and our sometimes co-manager Bec Lardner) the then Blues Maniacs cast being Glenn Sharp and Electric Larry Dennis, earlier Andy Phillips), I’ve also had the privilege of being invited to play for many other acts in our circle of muso friends. Everyone from Ms Maria Cassar to Rosco G at local shows and then locally and further afield with Andy Phillips and the Cadillac Walk. With whom I’ve had the great privilege to fly to WA for a Blues Festival out-country over there.

Of all of these fun local professional shows at our favourite locals like SoundBar, the Royal Hotel, The now McDaid’s once GPO Hotel, Rosebud Hotel, Canadian Bay Hotel, Listen Inn and many other great Live music supporters here on the Mornington Peninsula the most fun and joy I’ve gotten from being a muso in out Aussie world has been the after hours jam sessions and parties that really are the life blood of our scene. At these jams one gets to hang and play with an amazing gamut of creatives and expressives that we call brother and sister. Paul ‘Judge Fudge’ Eastman, Danny ‘Highwayman’ Oakhill, Jamie Green, Tiana V Iuculano, Jade Nye, Kym ‘Almost a local’ Mitchell, Swan ‘Lady Fox’ Cozyn, Mr Rob Papp, Baron Franco, Adam Charles, Peter ‘PFK’ Kindermann, Christian ‘Mickey Finn’ Rose, Shedy Eddie Wearne, Sam Moloney, Stew ‘Celphysh’ Richards, Aki Papamarkou, Andrew Story, 3Pete Howarth and my current song writing partner and newest bro Michael ‘Bass Ace’ Castaldini… And many, many others. If I’ve missed you out in this story friends, I’ll be editing this profile and my stories and posts often so I’m sure you’ll get a mention sooner or later.

So to those of you still bedroom or garage jamming, sitting on the sidelines or only attending as audience members, please, come out into the stage lights and join our rockin’ good times! 

We’d love you to join in and volunteer at an event or two but at the very least come show your style here on our site and voice your support as we will continue to uplift this amazing scene that we have down here as committee members of the MPMN.

*Bio story will change from time to time.

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