Band Camp – January 2018
A 3 Day Band Camp to get you started in your first band!
We are searching for musicians of all levels whom are interested and want to be apart of a band. We encourage young students and teenagers who want to take their musicianship to the next level.
Working in a team complimenting each other, greatly improves your skills as a musician and as a soloist.

This camp will not only give students the opportunity to play with others, but they will be involved in classes and workshops learning how to be a part of a band. This includes creating music, interpreting songs and being original and also how to market themselves once the band is formed. The TMI team will be working closely with each band, guiding and ensuring each and every musician has an understanding of how being in a band works to create a tight and exciting outcome.

What students can hope to expect and get out of this is a functioning band that regularly rehearses and performs, building a repertoire and skill level. With the hope to get involved in the music industry, gigging, making money and even writing their own songs…..

If bands so choose to be creative and write their own material, The Music Industry has the facilities to record the band and if at a professional standard can assist with a demo and getting the band into the professional music scene.

3 day camp
2018 – 15th, 16th & 17th of January
All singers and musicians welcome (girls and boys)
Price – $150
Lunch Included

For any questions, queries or concerns please contact Cheryl on 0401 904 616
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