The Rosebud Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Peninsula based organizations to bring for your enjoyment a fun filled festival celebrating all that was great from the ‘50’s & ‘60’s.The revolution in music, dancing, cars, movies, television, fashion and even magazines that came out of these two decades continue to be enjoyed today by millions of people around the world. With Rosebud’s long history as a great place to enjoy summer holidays, what better place to revive and enjoy the fun filled 50’s & 60’s lifestyle.

Any profits from the RockFest will be donated to local ‘not for profit’ organizations.

On behalf of the Rosebud Chamber of Commerce, the sponsors and organizations whose work and support has made this weekend possible, I welcome you to the Foreshore RockFest and hope you enjoy celebrating the best of the ‘50’s & ‘60’s on Rosebud’s beautiful foreshore.

Julie Nolo
Foreshore RockFest Committee

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