In-store technicians for most stringed instruments available onsite:

Basic Set-Up Pricing:

  • Basic Guitar Setup & Restring $60 ?Plus Strings? & Parts
  • Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose $80 ?Plus Strings? & Parts
  • Bass Guitar Setup & Restring $60 ?Plus Strings? & Parts
  • Violin $50 Plus Strings? & Parts
  • Viola $50 Plus Strings? & Parts
  • Cello $60 Plus Strings ?& Parts

Fitting of strap buttons and single string replacement’s can generally be done on the spot. Just drop in!


Due to high demand, turnaround on your repair is currently 5 – 7 day.

*Time and space do not allow us to do major repairs or paint based repaired, but get in touch and we will happily refer you to the best in the business.