The Ian Potter Cultural Trust was established in 1993 by The Ian Potter Foundation to encourage and support the diversity and excellence of emerging and early career Australian artists.


Encouraging and supporting the diversity and excellence of emerging Australian artists

International professional development opportunities allow emerging or early-career artists to gain experience, develop networks and learn skills from the world’s best. We believe these experiences are invaluable for the individual artists and for the ongoing development sector as a whole.

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust is keen to receive applications from practitioners across a diverse range of art forms including:

  • Crafts
  • Metalwork
  • Sculpture
  • Design (e.g. graphic, fashion)
  • Jewellery making (e.g.silversmithing)
  • Literature, screen/script-writing, playwriting
  • Multimedia
  • Film
  • Performing arts (theatre, dance)
  • Music (e.g. composers, musicians).

Over the 22 years since the Cultural Trust began, our 1400 grantees have travelled to every continent and over 100 different countries, challenging themselves both personally and professionally. Clowns, painters, set designers, photographers, composers, musicians, painters, film-makers and curators… the list of artistic practices is almost as expansive as the projects undertaken.

A number of the artists supported by the Cultural Trust have gone on to become household names or gain renown in their field, contributing in myriad ways to the calibre and vivacity of Australia’s cultural life.

To read more about the experiences of some Cultural Trust grantees, please read our case studies, grantee stories or take a look at our annual grants reports.

If you are an early career or emerging artist with an opportunity to further your professional development overseas, you may be eligible for a grant of up to $10,000. To find out what it takes, please see how to apply for a grant. See here for future funding rounds including open and close dates as well as project start dates.

Please note that due to an increased demand for grants in recent years, a high proportion of funds have already been committed for 2017. As a result, we will not be considering applications from artists who have completed and acquitted a Cultural Trust grant within the past two years. All applicants should be aware that competition for available funds is particularly high at this time.