Welcome to Creative State, Victoria’s first creative industries strategy
With more than $115 million in new funding, Creative State is designed to grow Victoria’s $23 billion creative and cultural economy, turbocharge local creative enterprises, create new jobs and employment opportunities, and bring social and cultural benefits to Victorians.

Creative State was launched on Tuesday 19 April by the Minister for the Creative Industries, Martin Foley. Read the Minister’s foreword here or watch his speech from the Creative State launch.

There are five focus areas and 40 targeted actions in the strategy, which you can explore in full on this website. The focus areas are:

Backing creative talent
Strengthening the creative industries ecosystem
Delivering wider economic and social impact
Increasing participation and access
Building international engagement
Each focus section includes an overview and lists specific new actions.

To understand how the strategy will be rolled out, visit the Implementation section of this site.

In the right hand column, you will find a link to download a full colour PDF of the Creative State strategy and the Executive Summary for a brief overview.

There are also Quick Guides for different sectors and interest groups, these will show you at a glance what the strategy means for you.Creative State